About Our People, Services, and Capabilities

As a contract administrator for Health and Welfare Trusts, MVI fills a boutique position, often over looked.

MVI fulfills the administrator duties of Trustees acting as fiduciaries. While not being a named fiduciary, the Firm generally when employed as a plan administrator takes on the day to day ministerial duties of the named fiduciaries. The Firm works closely with the Plan Attorney’s and Auditors to ensure compliance with all regulatory agencies i.e. DOL, DLR, IRC, as well as State regulations as they may apply to associations, trust plans and the DOI.

MVI is one of the oldest and most experienced multi-state professional Trust contract administrators. Our staff consists of professionally trained Certified Public Accountants, Professional IT Management, as well as Operational Experience while employed by several insurance carriers in the Nation.

MVI is an innovative leader in plan administration and compliance for clients that provide Health and Welfare benefits through:

  • Combined Labor/Management Trusts
  • Taft-Hartley Plans
  • Non-union Health and Welfare Trusts
  • Public Sector Trusts
  • School District Health and Welfare Plans
  • Charitable Organization Trusts
  • Prevailing Wage Plans:
    • Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act (PCA)
    • McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act (SCA)
    • Davis-Bacon Plans
  • Pre-paid Self-Directed Plans

MVI is particularly experienced in serving the complex management and administrative needs for ERISA/VEBA Trusts. As well as handling third party auditors and executing payroll record review where required by the DOL. While MVI offers no tax advice, Our CPA’s will refer out to qualified firms for clients.

MVI’s focus on the financial, systems and regulatory compliance of Health Care Reform provides our clients with comprehensive, timely and accurate services. The firm is uniquely skilled and qualified to handle the complex and diverse administrative needs of both large and small groups.


Our highly specialized staff includes professionals specifically trained as benefit consultants and administrators, Professional Degrees including specialties with B.A., B.S., graduate degrees, and Professional Certifications.

In addition, MVI Administrators carry professional liability, errors and emissions, as well as ERISA Bonds.

We advocate in the benefits market for our Trust plan employers and members.
Our allegiance is to our clients.

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