Mission Statement

MVI focuses on the financial, regulatory and systems aspects of plan administration, providing our clients with comprehensive, timely and accurate services.

The Firm while specializing in accounting and systems for different types of Trusts also makes its expertise available to smaller employers who need administrative services including management of their benefit plans and compliance with regulatory agencies. Please ask your benefits agent or broker, or call MVI for specific information.

Prevailing Wage and Davis Bacon Act compliance, in either hour or dollar bank.

Please refer to your benefits agent or consultant for further information or call us direct.


MVI is committed to delivering high-quality, tailored employee health coverage solutions that manage employee benefits risk and escalating health care costs.
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For over 27 years, MVI has contributed to dozens of startup VEBA, Taft-Hartley and ERISA regulated plans.  Plans as large as 100,000 members to small employers with 15 employees.  MVI owns its software source codes and designs to our customer’s needs. School districts to small manufacturing all receive top notch services from a professional staff.  Accountants, CPA’s, undergraduate and graduate degrees specializing in systems, premium and rating statistics as well as human resources.

Is your Trust or Association in Trouble? Has the DOL filed a complaint?  MVI has solid work history with regulatory agencies and may be able to help.

If you are a plan/Trust consultant give us a call, together we may be able to help your client.

COBRA Administration & Advice

COBRA is governed by federal law with heavy penalties for noncompliance and involves rules, regulations and a myriad of forms which are constantly changing.

MVI staff has extensive training and experience handling COBRA administration for employers.

Back Office Support

Start to Finish Help in creating solutions to employee benefit regulations.  Trustees, Directors, as well as Employers and their Boards need qualified consultants to not only advise but create and install remedies for their HR as well as other subsidiary functions.

MVI is your Back Office. When you engage our staff, we finish the job.

Fiduciary Services means handling the day to day responsibilities of the fiduciaries and assuring that their concerns and directions are taken care of to their liking.