Consulting Services

MVI works closely with many accounting and audit firms as well as law firms which specialize in tax regulation, ERISA and labor law. Our consulting practice available hourly or on a flat fee basis is available to benefits agencies as well as Our clients. Consultants, please call or write for more information. Since 2010, we have been involved by invitation of law firms to assist the Department of Labor and the IRS in determining the relative value of benefits and the processes used by different types of Trust and administration.

Trust Fund Plan

Complete delivery of working plans for sponsors and Trust funds, in coordination with legal services.

Merging Plans

Special care needs to be taken in merging Trusts or changing the specific reason for a sponsor or plan regulatory demands.

Compliance With

Federal Health Regulations

Advice and referral of past, current and potential regulations regarding all aspects of Health and Welfare Trust including but not limited to DOL, IRC, DLR, ERISA, and ACA.

Healthcare Cost Management

Premium and rate determination, review of pharmacy, medical and ancillary plans, this service is offered on an hourly basis or flat fee basis. Please have your consultant, agent, or compliance officer contact MVI.

Advice and Solutions

Advice and solutions to include minor or severe problems in existing Trust Plans. Such as defalcations and other regulatory structure problems. This is handled in a private manner and we work closely with attorneys for severe problems.

Home Consulting Services